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December 29, 2017 @ 9:00 pm - 11:30 pm


Galen Weston guitar Richard Underhill alto sax Matthew Horner piano, keyboards Lou Pomanti organ Fred Simon keyboards  George Koller bass   David Woodhead bass  Al Cross drums  Michel Medrano Brindis percussion

… beautifully written and warmly performed … What he calls influences and styles are really his own colors on his sonic palette. He chooses his colorful tones and approaches extremely well and keeps the hues and tones completely original.” – Travis Rogers, JazzTimes – (Plugged In CD)

A gifted technician with a fine sense of lyricism…” Karl Ackermann, All About Jazz


For his followup to his acclaimed debut, 2015’s Plugged In, Toronto guitarist-composer Galen Weston recruited producer Steve Rodby, former longtime bassist in Pat Metheny’s band (14 time Grammy winner), to help him get to the next level.

Returning from *Plugged In” are the core group of fellow Toronto musicians Richard Undersell on alto sax, David Woodhead on electric bass, Matt Horner on piano and Al Cross on drums. Together they complement Weston’s stinging guitar lines throughout The Space Between on a potent program that includes poignant ballads, earthy blues- rockers, intense rock-jazz jams and one fiery Afro-Cuban romp, all showcasing Weston’s inimitable chops on his trusty yellow Fender Stratocaster.

The secret weapon in Weston’s group remains his indelible hookup with fiery saxophonist Underhill. Their blistering unison lines and passionate call and-response exchanges create a kind of visceral excitement in concert. And it’s that quality that the guitarist was trying to preserve on his sophomore outing.  What I love about Rich is the fact that he is so deeply rooted in rock ’n’ roll, which is rare for saxophonists,” said Weston. “I absolutely love just rocking out, and I’m not so hung up about trying to be jazzy or trying to do that thing. So when we go on tour, we just rock the thing out and have a great time and we’re not necessarily thinking about playing jazz lines all over the place or the need to fill things with complexity. Rich can just let a note scream, and there’s nothing I like to do more than doing just that. So the chemistry is really good between us.”

With The Space Between, Weston is clearly back on track after a few years of putting his playing career on the shelf.  You can feel that live energy leap off of each track on The Space Between, Weston’s stellar followup to Plugged In.




December 29, 2017
9:00 pm - 11:30 pm